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I went to 3 concerts this weekend which I’m apparently not too old for, but I am too old to do that and not feel exhausted at work on Monday.

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Ask Jimmy Aquino from Comics News Insider (starts 57.29):

Sherbet Kickstarter

Okay serious talk, followers I need your help! Please, even if you can donate a dollar to the Sherbet Kickstarter you’d be helping us out a TON- we are so near our goal and are coming up to our last week on Kickstarter with 80% funding! I have something like 700 followers, if half of you donated $1, $5, $10 we would probably break through and reach our goal. I am so confident and proud to be a small part of this particular Kickstarter. This comic is CERTIFIED COOL by io9 and Bleeding Cool- the lists of contributing artists is astounding and Michael Vincent Bramley is a genuinely fantastic person who deserves this! 
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Artist on Tumblr

Maxwell McMaster | on Tumblr (USA)

Maxwell McMaster is an artist/designer currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He likes to think of his work as an ever evolving story. He has been drawing cartoons, making graffiti and illustrating before engaging himself to fine art. His inspiration comes from his city, pop culture, nature, his friends, and other artists.

© All images courtesy of the artist

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Holy shit these are gorgeous.

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Next time you do something ordinary or mundane, tag it #shanespiration to let the world know you deserve more recognition.


I learned a lot about falling in love when I fell out of love
I learned a lot about being a friend when I was alone
Well I played with fire, I burned it all down
I’ve made more mistakes than you can count

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i named my guy “ass” in a genesis boxing game i was playing

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This is what you look like as a baby in Fallout 3

i love you, small son

Tiny Man


A cat having an adventure

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relationship goals

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72 Degrees in the shade.

The Animated Self Portrait 

T.S Abe


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