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It’s true. Now you may buy my most recent stand-up special on DVD and watch it all damn day. 

This is the full set that was recorded that fateful night in October, 2011. The broadcast version was only 42 minutes long, but this sumbitch runs one hour and fifteen minutes. Uh, that seems like a lot of extra comedy to me! I apologize for my sarcastic “uh,” but I am trying to prove a point: there is a lot of extra comedy on this DVD.  In addition to the uncut set, there are also fun extras, including a feature-length commentary by “a famous director” whom you may know from appearances on The Pod F. Tompkast and Comedy Bang Bang.  And, of course, an extended bit of riffery by yours truly accompanied by the great Eban Schletter.

Here it is on

Here it is on Amazon Instant Video.

Here is where it will eventually be on iTunes: [I am waiting for the link. Just like you!]

I don’t know how to get you there, but I am told it is available on Vudu, Samsung Media Hub, Xbox Live and Sony PlayStation Network.

If there’s anything you want to know that isn’t covered here, please know that I am right next to you in the dark.  Should you have any questions about anything else, such as international releases, please do contact Comedy Central. And when I get more info, I will post it.

Thank you!

Pre-ordered last week, now just have to wait on Amazon.

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  9. avant1963 said: Upsetting! It’s so damn popular that it is backlogged on Amazon. Even though I pre-ordered it last week it still hasn’t shipped. I think Garry Marshall’s next movie should be called “Paul F. Tompkins Day” to celebrate the success of the DVD.
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    Pre-ordered last week, now just have to wait on Amazon.
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